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Hi Lizzy, we have some news!! Our little lady was born at 3am on 1st November. All went as well as I could have hoped for. Had a few lower abdominal pains about 10am on the 31st October which steadily increased through the day. Then called the birth centre at 7pm who suggested a bath. Had bath. Then at 9pm thought I need to go in as contractions were coming every few minutes. Phoned the birth centre and the called us in but they did say go to the labour ward as the birthing centre was full. We get to the labour ward where I bumped into the organiser of my netball league in the foyer... who was just in with her daughter...have a nice chat in between contractions...then we get called to the birthing centre...they have space! As we arrive we bump into none other than Sarah-Jane! (I'll let her tell you her story :-) have a quick chat then have some checks. My blood pressure was a little raised then my urine came back with proteins...never had any the whole way through pregnancy...they then say I'm unlikely to be allowed to stay. But then the midwife comes back and manually checks blood pressure...all is fine then checks urine (apparently the cardboard sample trays can show protein) the next batch is clear...thank god they rechecked. Anyway was 5cm dilated when arrived and head very low. Once in the room after an hour of walking, massage and figures of eights got in a very hot birthing first was far too hot...then after one painful contraction went straight under...a dream. Stayed in there throughout whilst staying complelely focused and in the zone on my breathing, repeating my affirmations...had a Lord of the Rings quote that kept coming into my thoughts...'This too shall pass.' Mike my husband kept me soo focused he was great...glad I'd shared with him all your yoga tips and the reading I'd done. Midwife was very hands off but supportive. A perfect combination. After about two hours pushing our baby girl arrived. All natural no gas and air... didn't want to have to leave my zone or grit my teeth. She floated into the pool looking perfect. We managed to leave later in  the day. Recovery going main pains are my shoulders from squatting in the pool... been using yoga poses to try and stretch them out. She's feeding well too. Is sleeping okay... Went for a walk yesterday which was nice. I honestly don't think the birth would have been anything like it was if I hadn't started coming to your completely opened my eyes to what birthing could and can be. I used your teachings through pregnancy and labour which I think massively prepared me to listen to my body and trust  it to know  what to do...which  it did. I'm going to miss the group but will come along to your Thursday group in a few weeks...if there is space. :-)

Thanks you so much. From all three of us. Lucy, Mike and baby Jessica. Xx 2018


HI Lizzy,


Yes please do share my experience. I’d like all new soon-to-be-mums know that having a plan is important but that being flexible is even more important. I’m proud of what Wilf and I went through together.


So baby has arrived! Wilfred Hugh weighing in at 8lbs1oz born 3.13am today!


I was induced yesterday at 42 weeks with several stretch & sweeps beforehand to try and get things moving- nothing worked!


My homebirth plans went out the window at this point!


Anyway, I was induced but the pessary ended up working a bit too well and my contractions were relentless (3/1min!) Despite them trying to slow things down, baby was getting distressed and it’s little heart rate kept falling. I ended up with an epidural, emergency c section, forceps and everything!


However, I still thoroughly enjoyed the experience. NGH staff were superb. They were true professionals and made sure baby and I were safe and fully informed and consulted, even when rushing to theatre!


The birth I ended up with couldn’t have been more different to my plan. But our breathing techniques helped immensely throughout the relentless contractions. I had also practised hypnobirthing which helped calm me down too.


Can’t wait for the next mother and baby class when I’m recovered.  Emma Jan 2018


Morning Lizzy!


Thought you'd like to know that Olivia Grace finally entered the world at 10:59am on 1st Dec weighing 8lb 14oz. I was induced at 10:45pm on Weds due to preeclampsia started contracting regularly at 3:00am, waters broke about 5:00 on the toilet, transferred to labour ward at 5:30 went from 5cm to 8 really quickly. 55 mins pushing using only gas & air and pethidine. She has TONS of brown hair, dunno what I was worrying about haha We're still in hospital as I lost 3 litres of blood after the birth tho looking at going home today. Thank you so so much for the last 12 weeks I can honestly hand on heart say I've so throughly enjoyed your classes, I've never been one for doing things on my own whether that be going to the gym or doing fitness classes so I think that's a real credit to yourself and how wonderful a teacher you are!!

Please sent my love and good wishes to the rest of the girls! I hope their pregnancies continue to go well!

I will be in touch at some point regarding your other classes!

Laura Xx Dec 2016


Hi Lizzy,


Thought I should update you.


I gave birth on Friday 27th to a baby boy-Max Thomas Lawton. Where has nearly 2 weeks disappeared to?? Feeding, feeding and no sleep!


The story...  (planned home birth.)


At 6am, as I turned over in bed, I heard a noise, which I thought was my pelvis grinding as usual. And then I thought no, that was a 'pop'. Sure enough, my waters had broken! I had told this baby not to arrive on a Friday, so already he wasn't listening to Mummy! I sent hubby to work, knowing that things might not even happen, but by 8.30, I was contracting 4:10 minutes. It was all in my back, well, my sacrum to be exact, and my lower abdomen. I never once felt a contraction in my tummy. It was very odd! Adam arrived back at 10:30, along with my sister, who had come to help build the baby's wardrobe. That wasn't going to happen!

The midwife came out to assess me at 12:30, but despite contracting so often, and so strongly, I was only 2-3cm, however, my cervix was really thin. She left me with my sister and my hubby to 'await events'.  They took it in turns to rub my back, which helped heaps. I concentrated on my breathing as much as possible. As  the contractions got stronger, I found that making a humming/singing/ohming noise as I breathed out, really helped me to concentrate on a long breath out, and helped manage the pain. My birthing ball was impossible to sit on, and the only way I was comfortable, was to be on my knees, leaning over the sofa.


The midwife returned at 4pm, and we filled the pool. The contractions continued to be 4:10 minutes, and although stronger than the morning, they had pretty much started as the meant to go on. Once in the pool, I continued with my breathing, but also, I had water poured over my back during the contractions, and this really helped to interfere with the pain signals.

At 4.30, the midwife examined me again, and I was around 8cm dilated. By 7pm, I knew that baby's head was low, and that I was fully dilated (being a midwife myself, I'd had a sneaky feel). At this point it was time for a shift change, and the midwife left, to be replaced with the midwife who had cared for me throughout my pregnancy, and it was wonderful when she arrived.


I tried to use my hypnobirth techniques, and started to attempt to 'breathe' the baby out with each contraction. I didn't let on to the midwife that I was pushing. Max's heartbeat remained perfect. By 9pm, it was time to get serious about pushing this baby out. There was to be no breathing him out, just giving it as much welly as possible! Being in the pool was amazing. This meant that I could get into a really deep squat, which would have been impossible on dry land. I changed positions a few times to try to aid the descent of his head, and at one point, when I was leaning back, I had a doze in between pushes! I never had any strong urges to push, I just had to concentrate on using my pelvic floor muscles as much as possible to get him out. I did worry that he wasn't going to fit through my pelvis. He felt so big. After an hour an a half of pushing, I finally delivered his head! I knew that his shoulders weren't going to come, and after one attempt at pushing them, I had to stand out of the water. It turned out that he had wrapped himself in his cord with his arms by his side, so the midwives needed to give him some assistance. His shoulders didn't get stuck, and there was no medical emergency, but after his arms came out, he was still stuck halfway in and halfway out around his tummy! At bit of pushing and pulling, and 14.5 hours of labour, he was finally delivered in very good health at 22:37. And the reason he took so much pushing? 9lb 4oz! Not the biggest one in the yoga class, but pretty impressive for a first! I had a natural delivery of the placenta, so he was left attached to me for a good 20 minutes. He latched on to the breast almost immediately, and I don't think he's left!

I never did get around to using the gas and air in labour, but I had some while they checked for stitches (I didn't need any Emoji ), and it's good stuff! If I have another baby, I'm definitely using it.


My pelvis is finally feeling like it's going back together. I think the problem antenatally was that he was big, and just needed to come out. I'm hoping to come along to postnatal yoga. I feel well enough to do it now, I'm just waiting on a car. I'm happy to come back and do a 'show and tell'. Just say when, and I'll arrange a lift.


Susie x  (April 2015)


Hi lizzy,


Just a quick message to say Happy New Year and I hope you had a lovely Christmas.


We're excited to announce the birth of baby Beatrice on the 2nd of Jan at 10.36am weighing 8lbs and 1 ounce.


I woke up on the 2nd at 3am with period like pains after tossing and turning since midnight. At 3am I took a paracetamol and thought this felt a bit more intense so I got my husband to get my birthing ball and the tens machine into the bedroom. At about 5am I was having 3 contractions every 10mins I rang the hospital and they said don't worry too much and stay at home a bit longer. I then had a load of fresh blood and rang the hospital again and they told me to come in. We arrived at the hospital about 6am to be told that I was 7cm dilated!! However they believed the baby was back to back (still using the tens at this point)


I was them admitted but I couldn't go to the birth centre as they were closed due to illness but by this point I wasn't bothered as I didn't feel like I had long left to go!


The midwife offered me gas and air and I said I'm waiting for the pain to get worse (she said to me it's not going to get much worse!)


I had to have a clip on the babies head because of my blood loss and a catheter in my hand just incase I needed extra blood.


As I knew the baby was back to back I decided to get in my hands and knees thanks to your advise and the baby turned and came out the correct way. I was so pleased. Between contractions I tried to relax and use mind over matter and just go with my body. I managed to have only gas and air. I did however have a couple of stitches after but I got discharged by 4.30 the same day.


In the week before the birth I had a stretch and sweep on the Monday but I became more nervous thinking that I would have to be induced I tried to use your relaxation technique to sleep thinking about different parts of the body and making them all relax!


I would like to come to your mother and baby sessions once I feel a bit stronger.


Please send my best to the rest of the girls and I hope to see you soon.


Abi xxx (Jan 2015)


Hi Lizzy,


I hope you're well and you had a lovely Christmas and New Year? It all feels a long time ago already!


I just wanted to let you know that Hannah Elizabeth made her arrival at 14.11 on New Year's Eve weighing 7lb 10oz. It all went really smoothly and felt very relaxed with the help of the golden thread and imagining myself in a yoga class!


I had a show at 6am and my waters went about 9am. A mad panic that I hadn't finished cleaning the house and putting the washing away ensued! Hoovering is definitely a way to get labour going! I stayed at home until midday listening to your relaxation CD and doing some yoga moves then headed to hospital. After seeing the consultant about my hemorrhoid they got all funny about the fact my coil had perforated my uterus 2 years ago and wanted to treat me as a VBAC, which unfortunately meant they wouldn't let me use the birth centre but I stood firm and refused their insistence to have a cannula fitted and constant monitoring.


After a rather uncomfy and frustrating 45 minute wait in the waiting room we finally made it into a delivery room and Hannah popped out soon after. I felt so much more in control than when Florence was born and able to talk myself through contractions/crowning - after Florence was born I never understood how people felt they could 'breathe a baby out' but that's exactly what I managed to do (with a bit of hard work of course!). Gave birth on the bed on all fours/squatting and had no tears and went home that evening :) Feeding also going FAR better than with Florence - phew!


I'm sure I have your wonderful teaching to thank for much of the experience so thank you. I miss Monday evenings already.


Do let me know if you plan to start baby yoga classes as I'd love to come.


I hope everything's ok with you and all the best for 2015!



Celia x (Jan 2015)



Hey Lizzy!


5 weeks ago I had a baby BOY, his name is Jude and he weighed 7lb 1. He was 8 days late and so I tried everything (especially walking) to try and bring on the labour naturally. The day before my induction date I got contractions yay! I was really calm and even went to bed, and then at 2am they got a bit stronger. I went into the hospital and said I was 2cm. But they kept me in because I was group b strep positive and needed antibiotics through a drip throughout the labour, which meant I couldn’t have my water birth :( ....but never mind I just accepted and got on with it.


For hours I used my breathing (like you taught me) throughout my contractions and your right it does work!!!! And I also asked my partner to rub down my back like you showed us. It took a few attempts for him to get the rhythm that I wanted but as soon as he had learnt how I wanted it, it really helped!!...  However eventually the pain became unbearable and so I used the gas & air (which is amazing)... I waited and waited before I used it so I think it had a really good effect. But then the contractions became less frequent and Jude’s heart rate was dropping every time I had a contraction because the cord was around his neck so they helped speed up the labour using that hormone drip.


The pain became excruciating and all I remember was feeling like I was on a different planet. When it got bad and I had a bit of a cry, my partner stepped in and firmly told me to breathe and relax, told me I was in control and to go with my body, he put me back in my place, he was amazing....then after a series of contractions there was at a point where I opened my eyes after a contraction and 10 people were in the room and a Dr with forceps ... I had no idea that Jude was at risk and kept trying to push down when the Dr was trying to put forceps on him which they couldn’t do. Then another Dr came in and said if I didn’t push him out soon I would have a C-section, when I heard this...I thought RIGHT pull yourself together Kim!!!.......shortly after I stupidly murmured that I felt a bit faint so they took the gas & air away from me!!! :( ...which meant I had to keep pushing and pushing without any pain relief...and solely relied on my breathing until he was born. . . I’m so glad I took everything in that you had said about breathing in your classes, it really helped me stay in control, I also kept visualising holding my baby at the end, reminding myself why I was doing this. . .  then the best part...when he was placed on my chest and looked straight into my eyes, ill never forget it.

He is such a cutie, very chilled yet still keeps me very busy!


I just wanted to let you know that I was very happy that I went to your classes as I would always think back to them whenever I heard a birth horror story and would remember that there are things I can do to help my own labour and remain positive. Thank you for everything you showed and told me.

Hardest experience in the world, but totally worth it :)


Kim x



Hey Lizzy


I have been meaning to email for days and days.

Mylo came into the world on Tuesday 3rd at 4:20am, weighing 6lbs 4oz. I went into labour at 10pm on the Monday night. Unfortunately there were no midwives available when we called but I assumed by the time we needed someone it would be morning and there would be someone available. I was wrong. We eventually got to the hospital at 3:45am and 35 minutes later he was in my arms. To be honest we were lucky I didn't have him in the bath. No pain relief and no stitches.


I wanted to thank you because I completely believe that without the Yoga and the Hypnobirthing (which I only knew about because of your class) it would have been a different story.

Mylo is feeding well and we are getting to know him bit by bit.


Once we get settled I would like to bring him along to your baby Yoga class, So if you could let me know the details that would be great.

Lots of love to you and everyone at the class.


X Nadia




Dear Lizzy

Hello there. I don't have your mobile so thought I'd send you a very quick email to let you know that I had my baby yesterday and ended up having a birth more natural than I ever could have imagined. After a highly successful stretch and sweep and lightening quick, drug-free labour (I didn't choose to be brave - I was still begging for an epidural 10 minutes before Alice was born) my little girl came flying into the world like she was trying to break the land speed record.

The entire labour lasted just over four hours and I "sung" my way all the way through it until the very end when in the bath I had a very strong urge to push and made a sound probably more akin to the racket chimpanzees make when mating! Anyhow, 10 minutes later Alice was born on the floor of the bathroom. I was totally mobile throughout the whole experience - again not really through choice but it was too painful to sit or stand - which I'm sure helped and I gave birth kneeling over a chair in just the way we stretch in yoga. My perinium was a complete trooper and remained intact amazingly - massage and having been stretched relatively recently must have helped - but Alice was born waving at the world so I have a small tear of the labia that needed a couple of stitches.

Thank you for all your help and advice. I so enjoyed the pregnancy yoga. Please wish everyone else in the group well with their babies - tell them if wimpy old me can do it, anyone can!!

Charlotte xx


Later Charlotte added:

Yes, I would be delighted for you to share as much as you like about my birth experience - I'm not all bashful about sharing all the gory details. And yes, I did do a poo just as Alice came out but at least I was in the bathroom already and I had my back to everyone so didn't see!!  Although I would have gladly accepted an epidural had the midwives let me have one, I'm thrilled that I was able to have such a natural birth. I was utterly amazed at how singing a note out while I exhaled helped. I could tell that the midwife didn't really think I was in proper labour because I seemed so calm - until she had a look and nearly fell over backwards when she realised I was nearly fully dilated. I was pretty staggered, too. Two hours earlier I'd been sat on the sofa watching Eggheads on the TV wondering whether I was in labour or whether it was just Braxton Hicks.




Greg’s Birth Story

Lizzy phoned to say her waters had broken and when she told me that it could still be a couple of days before she actually gave birth I was relieved it would not be right away and I could still go to work that night.

Lizzy decided to come home anyway but it wasn’t until she said ‘you wont be going to work tonight’ that it hit home what was happening and then I felt a bit nervous and scared.

I put The Tudors on the TV as I still didn’t expect things to move very quickly, as Lizzy leant against her birthing ball it still didn’t seem as is if it would happen that quickly. Sue, (the midwife)came round and I expected her to go again.

It slowly dawned on me that it was going to be ‘now’ and not the next day. I thought about the ‘practice’ we had done and decided to wait to see what Lizzy asked for.

Lizzy asked me to put the pool up, I didn’t think we would be using that soon but decided to get it blown up just to help keep her keep calm. But didn’t feel we needed to fill it up.

I was with Lizzy in the bathroom when she asked me to tell Sue that she felt like pushing, I went and got Sue.

When Lizzy and Sue came back downstairs it was for Lizzy to get into the water. At this point Sue said ‘it won’t be long now’. WOW came to mind.

I was worried that the temperature of the water was too cool and Lizzy’s progress would be stalled by the cold water so kept a kettle on the boil.

I was nervous when Lizzy was pushing but said she couldn’t feel the baby’s head. Sue asked me to look in the mirror to see if I could see, I was nervous too look as I thought I could just see the head showing but in the back of my mind it was only just showing and I could hardly see it.  I didn’t want to say anything in case I sounded too disheartened and that gave a lack of encouragement to Lizzy so I kept watching Sue and was relieved when she could feel the head and was looking n the mirror and saying ‘it’s coming’. Finally I looked too and it felt good to see the head.

I could see that Lizzy was tired and worried that she may run out of energy.

Then baby’s head finally came out – WOW – amazing, along with Sue I encouraged Lizzy to continue to push for the shoulders to come out. I got worried and a bit scared as Lizzy worked to push the rest of our baby’s body and then feet out.

The baby seemed to be limp and purple with a very long head. Sue helped the baby up into Lizzy's arms and then I saw that he was a boy.

I was so relieved when I saw his perfect face and saw that he was all there. We both noticed that he had very big hands and feet.

Afterwards I felt proud that Lizzy had done so well without using any drugs, I had been impressed by her strength during the pushing when she pulled on my hands.

He began to make snuffling noises and then let out a cry – WOW – the voice of our first child.

I cut the cord; I was nervous of using the scissors so near such a delicate being and was very careful with him.

Amazing baby, amazing birth.




Morning Lizzie


Yes she is here she is beautiful!! The labour I must admit was not half as bad as expected!! I used my breathing!!! And had a tenns machine! I was in hospital anyway so that helped. Then when it all got really hard I spent half an hour on gas and air on the labour ward before realising I was ready!! After being told I was only 3cm when walking to the labour ward!! They got me into the delivery room quick smart!! The pushing was hard work but fine! I just put everything I had into it and Ben and the midwives were amazingly supportive!!! Within an hour she was here!!! Wow!! I keep reliving it in my head in total amazement!! The placenta was inside out so that took a bit of sorting out!!

Daisy sleeps a lot!!!! She is an angel!! We keep wondering what the catch is!!

I hope you are well!! Its indescribable the moment they pass your baby to you!!


Laura x x


Hi Guys

I gave birth to Amelie Vita Budd Beynon on Friday 29th August at 14:27.  She weighed 7lbs 8oz and is absolutely perfect :-)

I was originally due on 27th and had a stretch and sweep on 28th - which started things off.  I didn't really take much notice of the few contractions I had over night and just realised I was on the way when I was driving my son to Tescos on Mereway at 8:30 thinking "I hope I don't get a contraction going round this roundabout and have to change gear!".

Anyway, I got home and carried on with some work until about 10:30 when I thought I should start timing the contractions ... needless to say 40 seconds long and every 15ish minutes.  Wandered around for a bit, doing the  yoga hip rotation move and was feeling pretty good expecting it to go on for a while yet.  Then, it kicked up a step at noon and Tom came home from work to fill the pool.  By 12:45 I was a bit tearful and realised that it was 'for real' now.  My Mum came over and my midwife arrived at 1pm, by which time I was in the pool.  She got me out and checked me - 7-8cm dilated.  I got back in the pool and headed pretty much immediately into non stop contractions.  By 2:15pm I was pushing and she came out lively and kicking 12 minutes later.  

Funnily, delivering the placenta, I truly thought I was having another baby and that they had missed it on the scan!!!  Luckily, that didn't last for long.

After a bout of low blood pressure/anaemia, all is well now ... lots of sleeping, eating, pooing and cuddling.  I actually managed to sleep from 12:30 until 5:30 last night (and what woke me up was my breast tenderness and not Amelie) ... hence my ability to pen an email!

Can't wait to catch up with you all again.

Lise xx




"Just to say a huge thank you to you for the support that you and yoga has given me duing my pregnancy and early months with Theo. The yoga itself has really made a difference ans having a safe arena to share experience ans worries has been invaluable.

Both Theo and I have made great friends and going to work rather than being with you all is going to be tough!"