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March 13th/14th 2021 YogaWalks weekend in Cotswolds £75


May 8th 2021 YogaWalks day in Badbys Bluebell Wodds. £47


March 26th-28th 2021 Residential weekend in Worcestershire, £295 single or sharing (10 spaces)


June 5-12th 2021 a relaxing week of yoga, sun, sand and sea at this beautiufl villa with pool and private beach in Corfu, from 955euros sharing, from 960euros single (10 spaces)


Sept 13th - 17th 2021 4 night, midweek break yoga and walking in rural Wales , £625 sharing, £665 single




 Online classes run all year round with just the occasional national holiday off.






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Bowen Technique offers an holistic approach to all problems presented and treatment is complementary to mainstream medical treatment.


Treatments are based on knowledge of anatomy and physiology.


Although referrals are made from General Practitioners, the largest percentage of clients are obtained through word of mouth as the technique's results speak for themselves. Clients range from children (including new born babies), mothers-to-be, the elderly, right through to top level sportsmen/women.


Bowen is a gentle, hands on soft tissue bodywork which has powerful effect. The therapist uses a series of rolling moves at precise positions. Working on muscles, tendons and fascia together, we can affect the way the body structure works, signalling the body to re-align, improve internal functioning, help relieve pain, and promote healing and management of a variety of conditions both short term and chronic.


Bowen has been observed to help with:


•Pain management

•Sports injuries

•Acute and chronic back pain

•General aches and pains


•Frozen shoulder and tennis elbow


•Jaw discomfort (TMJ/TMS)


•Hay fever




•Chronic fatigue

•Heel and foot pain

•Quality of sleep

•Mood elevation

•Ability to concentrate and focus

•Positive outlook on life



A course of three treatments over 3-4 weeks are recommended.


Appointments usually last around 45 minutes to 1 hour although the first appointment sometimes extends up to 1hour 15mins.  Each session begins with consultation before the treatment.


Treatment which takes place on a massage couch can be given through light clothing, thin loose clothing or shorts and vest top are recommended. Jeans are unsuitable.


Fees are £45 for one treatment, £120 for three.

Following an accident where I sustained injuries to my shoulder and neck …I had some Bowen treatment from Lizzy as my shoulder was painful to move and I was unable to lift it above shoulder height or reach up and straighten above my head, after 2-3 treatments I has regained full movement in my shoulder without experiencing any pain, which was amazing. Bowen treatment is very gentle, relaxing, not invasive and for me had great results.


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I have had two separate sets of three sessions with Lizzy. The first time I had problems with my pelvis, which gave me pain on sitting and sleeping. After the first session I felt a significant improvement, and after the second, it had completely disappeared. Lizzy offered to cancel the third session, but I wanted to, mainly because I found that laying on the treatment table, gave me a depth of relaxation that I had never experienced, it was more like suspended animation.

The second set was after I had managed to trap a nerve , which gave me sharp jabbing pains at the top of my thigh, and made walking very painful. This too was successfully dealt with. During the interview I had mentioned that I had a very disrupted sleep pattern, but I am now pleased to say that my sleep now is greatly improved.

I would certainly recommend Bowen Therapy to anyone who has a problem.



I suddenly developed considerable pain in the heel of one foot. I could barely put my foot to the floor.


Having no idea what the problem was I saw my GP who diagnosed plantar fasciitis. He gave me a handout describing exercises to do, and I bought some orthotic heel supports.


There was little improvement after four months or so, and I really missed going walking which I had enjoyed on a regular basis.


Lizzy invited me to have a course of Bowen therapy. After just three sessions my pain had gone. I felt it was quite miraculous that my painful heel was back to normal. I was genuinely surprised and delighted that it had worked so well.


It was great to be back to normal and resume my walks.


I highly recommend Lizzy and the excellent Bowen Therapy. PS