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a natural pause


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March 13th/14th 2021 YogaWalks weekend in Cotswolds £75


May 8th 2021 YogaWalks day in Badbys Bluebell Wodds. £47


March 26th-28th 2021 Residential weekend in Worcestershire, £295 single or sharing (10 spaces)


June 5-12th 2021 a relaxing week of yoga, sun, sand and sea at this beautiufl villa with pool and private beach in Corfu, from 955euros sharing, from 960euros single (10 spaces)


Sept 13th - 17th 2021 4 night, midweek break yoga and walking in rural Wales , £625 sharing, £665 single




 Online classes run all year round with just the occasional national holiday off.






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"I  Just wanted to say thank you for all the guidance you've given us over the past few months through our yoga classes.

I've looked forward to everyone and have found them so relaxing in the ocuntdown to baby being born! I feel so much more relaxed about the birth and this is partly down to your calming approach and outlook that labour doesn't have to be seen as bad pain.

I hope I can remember the breathing techniques etc as I'm sure this will all help and I can honestly say I'm quite excited about the birth now! you're an inspiration!

Thank you so much, "



"I wanted to thank you again for helping me get into a clam state of mind in preparation for the arrival of our beautiful daughter, your yoga classes helped so much and hearing your positivity towards labour was so refreshing."



"What can I say?! You have been wonderful in everyway during my pregnancy and beyond! Albie is so lucky to have been a part of this journey and I feel so thankful that yoga has helped to guide us through. You are brilliant! Thank you, and can't wait until next time!"

Maria, Henry and Albie